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             2020/04/03 08:30

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            B2B marketplace to export, import with company directory / profiles, product catalogs, trade leads for importer,exporter,buyer,supplier,manufacturer,wholesaler,agent,distributor, corporation.



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            The most successful source for "Buyers and Suppliers" of more than 20 industries in over 200 countries. A unique and fastest way to source and promote your products in the trade.

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            Agriculture (1) Food Stuffs (23)
            Beverages (4) Sporting Goods (0)
            Office Equipment & Supplies (0) Health & Beauty Care (3)
            Telecom Equipment (1) Chemicals (6)
            Vehicles & Parts (22) Household Appliances (0)
            Consumer Electronics (59) Minerals & Metals (8)
            Packaging (0) Toys & Games (0)
            Jewellery & Timepieces (1) Homeware (1)
            Clothing & Fashion (2) Furniture & Furnishing (0)
            Industrial Supplies (200) Computing (0)
            Textiles (1)
            Latest Sell Offers
             [Sell]  - Sell: Cast Steel Swing Check Valve   China
            SELL: Cast Steel Check Valves:Structure: Swing Disc, Bolted Cover.Body Mat'l: WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WC1, WC6, WC9, C5size: 2"-36",..
            China Wzipie Valve
             [Sell]  - SELL: Top Entry Ball Valve   China
            Sell Top Entry Ball Valves: size: 2"-24" class 150-1500LBS The Monolithic cast steel Body Floating  & trunnion mounted ba..
            China Wzipie Valve
             [Sell]  - SELL: API6D Lubricated Plug Valve   China
            Sell ANSI Inverted Pressure Balanced Lubricated Plug Valves: Structure: Inverted Bottom Entry Taper Plug, Pressure Balanced.Body Mat'l: A216 WCB,..
            China Wzipie Valve
            Latest Buy Offers
            Latest Product Catalogs
            gold ore flotation machine   China
            Flotation refers to the use of a large number of bubbles can produce surfactant - foaming agent.When air enters the water or is caused by water..
            Shanghai Shuosen Mining Machine Co.,ltd
            copper ore beneficiation flotation machine   China
            Application fields: For the selection of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metals.Processing ability:0.18-20m3/min  Rotate..
            Shanghai Shuosen Mining Machine Co.,ltd
            dissolved air flotation machine   China
            Application of Flotation Machine:Flotation machine is a main device to realize the flotation process. Flotation machine is applicable for the..
            Shanghai Shuosen Mining Machine Co.,ltd
            Latest Company Profiles
            Anping Xieda Shaped Wire Co., Ltd. [ China ]  [ Manufacturer ]
            Products/Services: ..
            Vulcanson Co., Ltd [ Taiwan ]  [ Manufacturer ]
            Products/Services: Polycarboante Sheets, Fasteners and Accessories.
            Dalian Fullton Machinery Co.,ltd [ China ]  [ Manufacturer ]
            Products/Services: Vertical lathe China、CNC Vertical lathe、China Vertical lathe.

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